Of Note
Headshot of Patricia Lindberg, smiling and wearing a blue checkered blouse

Stevens-Bristow Professor Patricia Lindberg. John Anderson photo.

Headshot of Kerry Yurewicz, smiling outdoors wearing a dark blue sweater
Abbott Professor Kerry Yurewicz. Hailey Botelho ’22 photo.
Headshot of Eric Hoffman, smiling wearing a purple button up
Souza Professor Eric Hoffman. Kaleb Hart ’11 photo.
Headshot of Matthew Zawodniak, smiling wearing a beige zipped sweater

Wixson Professor Matthew Zawodniak. Mackenzie Fullerton ’17 photo.

Faculty Honored with Endowed Professorships
Professor Trish Lindberg, Eric Hoffman, Kerry Yurewicz, and Matthew Zawodniak have been singled out for their many contributions to the University, their disciplines, and the public at large. Of paramount significance is their inspirational work on behalf of students.

The Plymouth State University Stevens-Bristow Professorship was established in 2007 by Wallace R. ’62 and Meredith Bristow Stevens ’62 to honor an exceptional faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching, advising, or mentoring; engages in scholarly activity that is recognized nationally or internationally; and who makes outstanding contributions to the profession, University, or state.

Patricia Lindberg is a professor and coordinator of the master of education in integrated arts program. Lindberg created the program and a certificate of advanced graduate studies in arts leadership and learning and worked for many years in PSU’s elementary education program. She founded and artistically directed the Kearsarge Arts Theatre, an award-winning children’s theatre for 30 years and is currently the artistic director of the Educational Theatre Collaborative (ETC) and the TIGER professional theatre company, both based at PSU. In addition to teaching, producing, and directing, Lindberg is also a published author and playwright.

The Helen Abbott ’39 Professorship of Environmental Studies was created by Janice C. Griffin, former PSU student from Union, NH, and current professor of law at Suffolk University in Boston, to honor her friend, teacher and mentor, Helen Abbott, and for Abbott’s commitment to youth environmental education. The endowed professorship recognizes an exemplary member of the PSU faculty who integrates elements of environmental studies into coursework or research.

Kerry Yurewicz is an associate professor of ecology at PSU. Yurewicz uses natural surveys and experiments to investigate animal behavior, interactions between species, and patterns of biodiversity across environmental gradients. Yurewicz is passionate about inspiring an appreciation for biodiversity in her students and encouraging them to ask questions and seek answers about the natural world. Her research focuses on amphibians and invertebrates, often in freshwater systems, and collaborates with both undergraduate and graduate students. She has been a member of PSU’s faculty since 2004 and a long-time member of the board of directors at Quincy Bog Natural Area, a local nonprofit environmental organization.

The Colonel Craig Souza ’87 Endowed Professorship in Meteorology was made possible through a generous gift from retired US Air Force Colonel and PSU alum Craig Souza. Souza served most of his career supporting the US Army, including serving as the senior Air Force meteorologist supporting the Army and its chief of staff’s weatherman. Souza credits his illustrious career to his time at PSU. The purpose of the endowment is to celebrate and provide financial support to a deserving PSU faculty member who will research and present on the value of “functional meteorology.”

Eric Hoffman is a professor of meteorology with expertise in synoptic and mesoscale meteorology. Prior to joining PSU’s faculty in 2000, Hoffman worked as an aviation meteorologist for the Aviation Weather Center of the National Weather Service. He works with both undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of research projects, including cold-air damming in northern New England, impactful weather associated with stationary fronts in the eastern US, climatological studies of high wind events, and weather-related power outages.

The Ed and Marilyn Wixson Endowed Professorship of Mathematics was created by longtime PSU mathematics faculty members Ed and Marilyn Wixson to celebrate and recognize mathematics faculty who are exemplary faculty models of teaching, scholarship, and service or who show strong promise to become such excellent faculty.

Matthew D. Zawodniak is a teaching faculty member in mathematics and the graduate mathematics program coordinator. Zawodniak’s doctoral research was conducted in the field of Algebraic Topology and Rational Homotopy Theory, which studies the similarities of different mathematical constructs. He loves hosting math murder mysteries and teaching outside whenever possible. His favorite course to teach is Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, as elementary math is integral to the future mathematical success of young students. Zawodniak has designed and taught courses for in-service elementary teachers and he has an overall goal of improving mathematics education at kindergarten through college levels.