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Winter 2024
Campaign to Renovate and Transform Hyde Hall
In support of New Hampshire’s School of Applied Business
Hyde Hall is named for President Harold Hyde, who led the growth and success of Plymouth State College through the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Plymouth State is embarking on a major renovation of Hyde Hall, home of the school of applied business, to modernize building systems and reconfigure classrooms and student engagement spaces. A campaign goal of $10 million, in addition to the $30 million President Birx has secured in state and system–level support, will lead this transformation with technology common to industry and leading business schools.
group of male students with their arms around each other while posing for a group photo
three Plymouth State University students at an indoor rock climbing facility
female student in a green Plymouth State University hoodie
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Winter 2024 |
Editor | Peter Lee Miller
Kayleigh Bennett ’18
President Donald L. Birx
Daphne Bruemmer ’98
Jessica Dutille ’03, ’04MBA, ’20EdD
Chris Gloninger ’06
Lesley McGowan
Peter Lee Miller
William Hunter Weidmann ’73
Lauren Wentworth
Pedro Blanco
Hailey Botelho ’22, ’23MBA
Mackenzie Fullerton ’17
Kaleb Hart ’11
Eric Kelsey
Maundy Mitchell
Emily Roy ’24
Matt Rudzinski ’22, ’24MBA
Stephen Seslar ’22G
Griffin Spinney ’24
Rolando Sylvain ’24
Sam Taksar ’25
John Tully
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On the cover: Composite animation courtesy of Plymouth State Meteorology and Matt Rudzinski ’22, ’24MBA. Stephen Seslar ’22G photo.
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Of Note
Wetlands landscape
NEH Grant Energizes Plymouth State Sustainability Studies
Plymouth State is offering new undergraduate courses and a lecture series thanks to a two-year, $56,867 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). All reflect the Cluster Learning Model, which emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and of the University’s commitment to educating students about environmental sustainability, caring for the environment, and promoting sustainable practices to the campus community and the world.

“When we think about living more sustainably we often think about technology and engineering, but to promote change we need to understand the problem, reveal its impacts, and inspire society,” says Professor Brian Eisenhauer, director of PSU’s Office of Environmental Sustainability. “We don’t save what we don’t know or care about. Many professional roles in sustainability require diverse skills including those from the social sciences, communications, business, and the humanities, and we are excited to help our students create a better future through their work. This generous funding from NEH enables us to create ways to do that.”

Message from the President

Message from the President

Nurse helping patient
“We hold our futures in our hands”
Plymouth State, now in its 153rd year as an institution and our twentieth as a university, is meeting the challenges of higher education’s changing landscape. What unites our efforts is a deep belief in our students’ potential and a drive to innovate. We’re creating new opportunities to take advantage of rapid advances in technology, an evolving marketplace, and the needs of the communities and state we serve.

PSU is alive with energy and accomplishments.

A year ago we inaugurated the new Morgridge Strength and Performance Lab, a state-of-the-art facility that’s more than ten times larger than the one it replaced. It surpasses what you’ll find at many Division I schools and is the final piece completing the Human Performance Center. Not only do student athletes make full use of the facility, but it is also a teaching Open Lab for a wide range of health and science academic programs available through PSU’s innovative Cluster Learning model, such as exercise and sport physiology and human performance, athletic training, and advanced graduate programs for physical therapists. There is really nothing like it.

Plymouth State College in 1967
Anniversaries Mark Our Progress
Happy anniversary4!
It’s been one anniversary after another this year, with each representing substantial accomplishment, tremendous pride, and undeniable progress.
40 Years Anniversary Badge
Our acclaimed meteorology program
20 Years Anniversary Badge
Of Plymouth State College’s transition to Plymouth State University
25 Years Anniversary Badge
Of the Eagle Pond Authors’ Series
10 Years Anniversary Badge
Of the founding of the University’s Museum of the White Mountains
unveiling of the new Plymouth State University logo
PSU Orientation: Nurturing Belonging and Transformative Learning
PSU Orientation: Nurturing Belonging and Transformative Learning
Plymouth State University (PSU) provides students with powerful opportunities to explore their passions and engage in transformative learning experiences, ultimately paving the way for careers of purpose. A cornerstone of this commitment lies in the comprehensive orientation experiences that connect students within their community. These initiatives, choreographed through the Student Experience Office, which is a part of Student Life, begin from the moment new Panthers step foot on campus.
Orientation programming is intentionally crafted to guide students toward a sense of belonging and connection as they embark on their college journey. It begins with an online module that acquaints students with the PSU community’s shared values, setting the stage for in-person experiences in June. Hundreds of new students participate in their first overnight stay on campus, forging bonds with fellow students and establishing connections with dedicated faculty and staff. This immersive experience creates a foundation upon which students can build lasting relationships.

Returning students serve as orientation leaders, who help usher new Panthers through their transition to campus. Jonah Rosenberg ’24, a political science major, explains, “My first experience at PSU was at Orientation and I learned probably the best piece of advice; growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. From being in Orientation, to being an orientation leader, I constantly pushed myself into my growth zone and it has been one of the best things I have ever done! I used to be afraid of things outside my comfort zone, now I know they are opportunities for growth.”

In the Eye
of the Storm
When you’re in the news you never want to be the news.
As broadcasters we try to fly under the radar as much as possible.  Prior to this summer, I spent the last 18 years living out my lifelong dream as a broadcast meteorologist. My stops included Rochester, New York; Albany, New York (twice); Saginaw Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Boston, Massachusetts and Des Moines, Iowa. If you are familiar with the news industry, it might seem counterintuitive to move from a city like Boston to Des Moines. Typically, a newscaster climbs the ladder over his or her career moving up in market size and pay. I had the opportunity to become chief meteorologist and with that a responsibility of raising public awareness by connecting the dots between extreme weather and climate change in a part of the country where scientific awareness is suspect.

During my time in Boston, I had the opportunity to cover some of the biggest, strongest, and most destructive hurricanes to make landfall in the United States between 2016 and 2021. These storms rapidly intensified before making landfall at an almost unprecedented rate, and once the storms made landfall, they dropped historic amounts of rain. For every degree Celsius the atmosphere warms, it holds seven percent more moisture. That manifests in the form of heavy, flooding rains, which happen on a more frequent basis. After witnessing these catastrophic impacts of climate change, I saw the urgency for covering the crisis regularly during the evening newscasts. Station management in Boston were supportive of the idea, and we launched the country’s first weekly series on climate change.

The Art of Balancing
My journey at Plymouth State University began with uncertainty, but it has transformed me in countless ways.
The people and experiences I’ve encountered have shaped me into the person I am today.

When I first arrived, I was involved in track and videography on the side. The gym was also a big part of my life, which I used on campus five times a week. Things started to change for the better as I progressed. I now run my own freelance videography company, Sylvain Productions, and joined the Plymouth State Communications and Marketing Office to create videos for their brand my junior year. I have also pulled away from track to focus more on body building. Not only that, I also run my own fitness page, where I create my own videos and other media to help those in need of fitness advice.

My major in psychology has not changed but I have shifted my focus from therapy to marketing. I like the media side and am minoring in communications and media studies.

PSU Leads the Way in Eclipse Field Work
Plymouth State University is among 70 colleges and universities across the country working on NASA’s Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project.
moving animated image of eclipse
This largest eclipse field campaign of its kind has over 1,000 participants studying atmospheric effects during solar eclipses, and PSU’s distinctive approach is in keeping with the interdisciplinarity that is at the heart of the Cluster Learning Model.

Of all the participating schools, Plymouth State is the only university to have two NASA-funded atmospheric science teams. Seventeen students and three faculty from diverse academic backgrounds are working together to bridge art and science. “All teams are making contributions scientifically, but the natural beauty of solar eclipses provides a tremendous opportunity to look at this event through an artistic perspective. I think we’re leading the way with developing artistic elements,” says Meteorology Professor Eric Kelsey, who leads one of PSU’s two teams.

Q&A: AI and Its Implications
Professor Harsha Abeykoon earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, and his master’s degree in mobile robotics from Keio University, Japan.
He subsequently obtained his PhD from Keio University, specializing in surgical robotics. Prior to joining Plymouth State University, he held the position of senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.

Plymouth Magazine recently caught up with him to discuss the AI and its implications.

“A Moment in Time”
“A Moment in Time”
The Story Behind the Phi Mu Kappa / Tau Kappa Epsilon Legacy Bench
Greek life at Plymouth State began with the founding of Phi Mu Kappa in 1963. While the community may have been hatched with the pursuit for social independence in mind, it became a gathering place and sounding board for so much more and helped students navigate a rapidly changing social landscape.

A granite bench honors the legacy of The Phi Mu Kappa/Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and has raised funds toward the R. Stephen Eastman Scholarship. Located on University Way, facing the Samuel Read Hall Building (formally Hall dormitory), it is engraved with the fraternity crests and dates of existence as well as the lyric, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother,” a song emphasizing PMK/TKE’s bonds of brotherhood.

With the purchase of the first and only off-campus fraternity house in 1968, Phi Mu Kappa joined a national fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and became known as The Lambda Rho Chapter of TKE. During its nearly 25 years of existence, over 250 members bore witness to a very special moment in time.


Jump to Decade


Bernice (Burlock) Doane ’58 was involved in basketball, tennis, and golf while at college. She and her husband, a navy officer, traveled for over 20 years. Bernice loved her time at Plymouth State.

Joan (Fuel) MacDonald ’58 is grateful for the alumni scholarship she received when she graduated high school. She had a great career in education.

Norma (Woodward) Green ’59 is proud to be a graduate of Plymouth state University. She has taught at the University of Kentucky (Lexington), in Lansing, Michigan, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, University of Malawi, Lilongwe, and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and was a private tutor while raising her three children. She has continued working with foreign students to bring their English language and writing up to academic standards and is still in touch with several 1959 classmates. Her aunt and sister are remembered on one of the bricks on the 150th anniversary path in front of Rounds Hall.

In Memoriam
Remembering Plymouth State alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have passed away.
Lucille (Nutting) Gilman ’44
September 21, 2022
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Virginia (Deachman) Dearborn ’46, ’69G
September 1, 2023
Plymouth, NH

Dorothy (Keniston) Kushious ’46
February 27, 2023
Sharon, MA

Beverley (Sanborn) Minot ’46
July 5, 2023
Hudson, MA

Shirley (Greenleaf) Brown ’47
May 14, 2023
Manchester, NH

Ginny (Lee) Doherty ’48, P’75
October 12, 2022
Manchester, NH

Mary (Torosian) Graves ’48
September 1, 2022
Peterborough, NH

Donald White ’53
April 29, 2023
North Haverhill, NH

Marjorie (Miltimore) Covill ’53
June 4, 2023
San Diego, CA

Lorraine (Avery) Johnstone ’55
June 25, 2023
Rochester, NH

Anita (Binette) Hussey ’56
February 27, 2023
Sandy Hook, CT

Joan (Doyon) Savage ’56
June 5, 2023
Kennebunk, ME

Exchanging Vows

Darcy (Bagley) Rine ’02 married Larry Rine on August 6, 2022, in Taftsville, VT.

Kelly (Rice) Willis ’11 and Jamie Willis ’11 were married June 9, 2023 in Plymouth. Jamie earned a degree in musical theater and Kelly’s degree was in communications.

Landscape photograph of Darcy (Bagley) Rine ’02 and Larry Rine in wedding attire posing together smiling in the middle as Darcy is holding a small flower bouquet and their daughters Lily and Charlie Durfee hold small flower bouquets as well standing on opposite side ends of them

Darcy ’02 and Larry Rine with Darcy’s daughters Lily and Charlie Durfee

Landscape photograph of Kelly (Rice) Willis ’11 and Jamie Willis ’11 in wedding attire as they pose holding each other smiling inside a dark theater auditorium area setting with Kelly holding a small flower bouquet

Kelly (Rice) Willis ’11 and Jamie Willis ’11 were married June 9, 2023.

Chris Rydjeski ’13 and Amberlee Barbagallo ’12 were married on September 17, 2022, in Lebanon, NH. They met at Plymouth State University in 2012 as friends and began dating in 2014! They spent a lot of time in Rounds Hall and think back fondly to their time at Plymouth where they first met!

Ryan Patten ’14, ’18G married Kate Steinberg on September 29, 2023.

Amy Hackett ’17 married Colman Lydon ’17 on October 29, 2023, at Owl’s Nest Resort.

Isabelle Elsasser ’19 majored in English and was part of Delta Zeta, and Zack Kelley ’19 majored in business administration and on the Football Team. They are excited to share news of their recent marriage. After meeting their freshman year at Plymouth State, the two have always loved the community that was built there with their friends. The couple chose to pursue their education after completing their BA programs at Plymouth and remained in the area following the pandemic. Plymouth will always hold a special place in their hearts, and they can’t wait to see what the years bring for the community and for themselves.

At their wedding there were many Plymouth State guests, including five alumni who were the MASCAC Champions in 2017: Mitch Banuskevich ’19, Logan Edstrom ’19, Zack Kelley ’19, Grant McGregor ’19, and Teagan Tirabassi ’19.

Portrait photograph of Chris Rydjeski ’13 and Amberlee Barbagallo ’12 posing outside standing in wedding attire next to each other smiling in a forest grassy area

Chris ’13 and Amberlee (Barbagallo) Rydjeski ’12, celebrated their marriage on September 17, 2022, in Lebanon, NH.

Landscape interior photograph of Ryan Patten '14, '18G and Kate Steinberg's wedding party inside a big white canopy tent area; Individuals featured in the image are [Back row, left to right: Russell Mancini ’15, Hannah Andritsakis ’16, Kayla Gaudette ’14, Forest Steinberg ’14, ’16G, Kimberly Goldberg ’06, Professor Patrick May. Second row, left to right: Tessa Mancini ’14, Danielle Blondin (former assistant director of admissions), Danielle Mishkit (former assistant director of admissions), Ayla Steere ’17, ’19G, Patti May (director of academic support services), Sandy McGarr (associate director of admissions) Center: Kate Patten (bride) and Ryan Patten ’14, ’18G] as the people in the very front row center are holding a Plymouth State University logo flag with school mascot logo above the name

Back row, left to right: Russell Mancini ’15, Hannah Andritsakis ’16, Kayla Gaudette ’14, Forest Steinberg ’14, ’16G, Kimberly Goldberg ’06, Professor Patrick May. Second row, left to right: Tessa Mancini ’14, Danielle Blondin (former assistant director of admissions), Danielle Mishkit (former assistant director of admissions), Ayla Steere ’17, ’19G, Patti May (director of academic support services), Sandy McGarr (associate director of admissions) Center: Kate Patten (bride) and Ryan Patten ’14, ’18G.

Portrait photograph of Isabelle Elsasser ’19 and Zack Kelley ’19 posing outside standing in wedding attire next to each other smiling in a forest grassy area

Isabelle Elsasser ’19 and Zack Kelley ’19 were married May 12, 2023.

Landscape photograph of Callie (Bechtol) Batkins ’21 and Colby Batkins ’21 walking in their wedding attire as they pose looking at each other smiling outside on the sand near the ocean on their wedding day (August 26, 2022) at Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach on a clear bright sunny day

Callie (Bechtol) Batkins ’21 and Colby Batkins ’21 on their wedding day; August 26, 2022, at Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach.

Landscape photograph of Amy Hackett ’17 and Colman Lydon ’17 in their wedding attire posing together smiling in the middle on October 29, 2023 inside on the wooden dance floor at Owl’s Nest Resort; Briana Lumbert ’17 was the officiant. Other PSU alumni present were: Taylor (O’neil) Keith ’16, Ryan Gardent ’17, Casey Henry ’17, Kate McCann ’17, Jeremy D’Amour ’17, Meredith Nicosia ’17, Paige Young ’17, Tucker Moss ’17, and Kaitlyn Warren ’15.

Amy Hackett ’17 married Colman Lydon ’17 on October 29, 2023, at Owl’s Nest Resort. Briana Lumbert ’17 was the officiant. Other PSU alumni present were: Taylor (O’neil) Keith ’16, Ryan Gardent ’17, Casey Henry ’17, Kate McCann ’17, Jeremy D’Amour ’17, Meredith Nicosia ’17, Paige Young ’17, Tucker Moss ’17, and Kaitlyn Warren ’15.


Mike ’06, ’09G, ’13CAGS, ’20EdD and Courtney Whaland welcomed their son Carter (Class of 2044) in June.

Clair Larsen ’12 and Shane Carlson ’12 and their three-year-old daughter, Maisey, welcomed baby brother, Otto Zane, to the family on March 18, 2023. Clair is self employed as a writer, personal coach, and in marketing and management. Shane works for award-winning Plant Parents as a high impact horticulturalist and team leader.

Kylie Hershey Silk ’19 and husband Jared Silk welcomed their son Owen on June 28, 2023.

Baby Carter Whaland wearing onesie that reads Littlest Panther
Carter Whaland
Baby Owen Silk wearing onesie that reads PLYMOUTH STATE
Owen Silk
Homecoming 2023 Weekend Events
4 golfers
4 golfers
Plymouth State University Alumni Association Barbara Dearborn '60 Golf Classic
43rd Annual PSUAA Barbara Dearborn ’60 Golf Classic
September 29, Waukewan Golf Club in Center Harbor, NH

This special kickoff for Homecoming weekend brought out a record 128 golfers and raised approximately $14,000 to support student scholarships.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Lead Sponsor
Engleberth Construction, Inc.
Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Lunch Sponsors
John and Susan Scheinman P’19, P’21G
Biederman's logo
Awards Sponsor
PSU Dining
PSU Dining logo
Cart Sponsors
Twin Rivers Landscaping
Montagne Powers
University System of New Hampshire
Contest Sponsor
Woodsville Bank
Gift Sponsors
NH Doughnut Co.
Mitzi Dearborn
Tee & Green Sponsors
Amy Bassett ’90
Casco Bay Creamery
Conway Pepsi
Donna Charest ’93 and XAZ
Earle M. Jorgensen Company
Grappone Automotive
Joan Tambling ’83G
Minuteman Press
Webster, Ward, & Coutermarsh
Homecoming 2023
Thank you to those who were able to celebrate Homecoming 2023 with us! We estimate 5,000 people made it back to Plymouth for one of many events and to visit campus.
Events included:

• 43rd Annual PSUAA Barbara Dearborn ’60 Golf Classic • Celebrating our 2023 Alumni Award Recipients • Tailgating • Dedication of the Charles Currier Statue • Athletic Contests including Boston Anthem Singer Todd Angilly ’99 singing the National Anthem before the football and women’s volleyball games • HHP celebration of 75 years and 6th annual alumni breakfast • Information session on the Hyde Hall transformation • Harvest Festival and Craft Beer Garden • Phi Mu Kappa/Tau Kappa Epsilon alumni bench dedication and photo • 1st annual Welcome Home to Main Street featuring live music on the Town Common • Harmony & Humor Homecoming Show with Boston Anthem Singer, Todd Angilly ’99 and Boston Comedian, Carolyn Plummer ’97

Save the Date for Homecoming 2024—October 5!
Registration will open August 1, 2024.
speaker and mascot at the homecoming game
speaker on stage
athletes holding up their pictures
Each year the Plymouth State University Alumni Association honors alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends for outstanding service to the University, their communities, and other alumni.

Congratulations to our 2023 PSUAA Alumni Award recipients who were celebrated in a ceremony at the Gene ’58 and Joan ’56 Welcome Center on Saturday, September 30:

Doug Kelliher ’92
Rebecca Woods ’04

Louise McCormack ’72

Kyla Welch ’99, ’05G, ’13CAGS

Kasey Arnold ’23

Joe Amorosino ’61
Susan Mollohan ’75

Doug Kelliher ’92
Rebecca Woods ’04
Louise McCormack ’72
Kyla Welch ’99, ’05G, ’13CAGS
Kasey Arnold ’23
Joe Amorosino ’61
Susan Mollohan ’75
Man and woman holding a Plymouth banner
Three students wearing green Plymouth jackets
Four students posing and leaning of a black fence
Cheerleaders mid jump on the football field
The Todd Angilly ’99 Scholarship
An unforgettable keynote speech filled with inspiration, laughter, and connection.
Boston Anthem singer Todd Angilly ’99 announced from the podium the Angilly Opportunity Scholarship. We invite you to join Todd in supporting Plymouth State and the future generation of PSU students with your support.
“I appreciate you all clapping, but I’m going to shake you down for that too.” – Todd Angilly
Todd Angilly speaking at a podum
Holiday Concert and Festival of Trees – Saturday, December 2, 2023
Holiday Concert and Festival of Trees – Saturday, December 2, 2023
Plymouth State Gathering at Palmer Legends Country Club in The Villages, Florida – Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at noon. Click here to register.
Plymouth State Gathering at Palmer Legends Country Club in The Villages, Florida

Giving Week – March 15–24, 2024. Support what you love at Plymouth State!

Giving Week
Alumni Ski Day at Loon Mountain – Saturday, March 16, 2024
Alumni Ski Day at Loon Mountain – Saturday, March 16, 2024
Students, Scholarship, and Service Dinner at the Barn on the Pemi – Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Greek Alumni Reunion – June 21–23, 2024

Greek Alumni Reunion – June 21–23, 2024

March 15–24, 2024

Giving Week at Plymouth State comes around once a year and supports our students in a BIG way. This year, we are challenging alumni to increase participation in Giving Week by class decade. Become a Challenge Gift Donor of $1,000 or more to encourage giving participation from your peers. Challenge Gifts will be highlighted during Giving Week and in the months leading up to it in communications to the entire community as well as targeted especially to your peers.

Why wait to make your mark? Become an Early Bird contributor at Your support NOW will make an early impact and encourage others to participate.

Giving Week logo
Ways YOU can help:

  • Make a gift of any amount. From $10 to $10,000, every dollar makes a difference.
  • Become an advocate by sharing on your social media channels, or even upload a short video of yourself on why you give back.
  • Challenge others to participate: Donations of $1,000 or more can be highlighted during Giving Week to challenge your peers to give back for today’s students!
  • Let us know what you think would inspire your peers to give. What are the traditions or experiences that are unique to your time at Plymouth State?

For more information on how to support with advocacy or challenge gifts, please contact Julia LaFleur, Assistant Director of Development, at

May 13 – Commencement – Journey of Achievement
students in graduation caps and gowns
May 13 – Senior Class Giving Tree Dedication: The Future Alumni Board restarted the Senior Class Gift fundraising tradition and raised $2,859 for the Student Support Foundation. To commemorate the start of this tradition, a blue spruce was planted on Alumni Green with a Class of 2023 commemorative brick. Class bricks will be added around the tree for years to come in continuation of this special tradition. A dedication was held on May 13 before the Commencement Procession.
tree dedication
June 1 – SSS Dinner: PSU honored Paul Hogan ’79, ’88G with the Raymond S. Burton ’62 Public Service Award and Ken Moulton ’73 with the Robert Frost Contemporary American Award.
SSS Dinner
June 16 – Gridiron Football Club’s first on-campus football reunion and 6th annual Gridiron Golf Outing raised over $14,000 for the future of Panther Football.
Gridiron Football Club
July 29 – 8th Annual Women’s Leadership Summit. Together, we ascend!
Women's Leadership summit
August 10 – Summer Reunion and Donor Thank You Barbecue
Summer Reunion and Donor Thank You Barbecue
folks at Summer Reunion and Donor Thank You Barbecue
alumni showing off old class picture
August 23 – Plymouth State Alumni Gathering at The One Hundred Club in Portsmouth, NH
100 club event
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