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Bernice (Burlock) Doane ’58 was involved in basketball, tennis, and golf while at college. She and her husband, a navy officer, traveled for over 20 years. Bernice loved her time at Plymouth State.

Joan (Fuel) MacDonald ’58 is grateful for the alumni scholarship she received when she graduated high school. She had a great career in education.

Norma (Woodward) Green ’59 is proud to be a graduate of Plymouth state University. She has taught at the University of Kentucky (Lexington), in Lansing, Michigan, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, University of Malawi, Lilongwe, and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and was a private tutor while raising her three children. She has continued working with foreign students to bring their English language and writing up to academic standards and is still in touch with several 1959 classmates. Her aunt and sister are remembered on one of the bricks on the 150th anniversary path in front of Rounds Hall.

Portrait photograph of Joe Amorosino Sr. '62, smiling in a grey colored open collar jacket as he is holding a Jr. NBA (Celtics) Community Coach of the Year award plaque with the Jr. NBA logo plus Boston Celtics logo shown on the award as he is standing nearby an attached railing guard that is nearby the arena seats inside the TD Garden on March 31, 2023
Joe Amorosino receives Community Coach of the Year at the TD Garden, March 31, 2023.


Joe Amorosino Sr. ’62, is a Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Famer and was honored as “Jr. NBA (Celtics) Coach of the Year” for 56 years of operating youth basketball camps, including a partnership with the Celtics for the last 11 years. The 84-year-old Amorosino ran 14 weeks of Celtics camps this summer. A former NBA scout, Coach Amo coached Quincy High teams in the 1970s and ’80s. He was recognized with Plymouth State Alumni Association’s Ut Prosim Service Award this September.

Claira Pirozzi Monier ’62 was asked by The Manchester Historic Association to serve as honorary chair of the 31st Annual Historic Preservation Awards.

Daniel Whitaker ’63 retired after 47 years in public education and 22 years as superintendent of schools. His daughter, Jessica Mary, graduated PSU summa cum laude. After retirement he taught in graduate studies at PSU and served as dean of instruction at Lebanon College.

John Colburn ’65 is living in a public high-rise with supportive and friendly people. Manchester is a vibrant city with cultural opportunities, and he belongs to the Currier Art Museum and enjoys taking friends there

Bette Tripp ’66 spent 39 years in education with the city of New Bedford. She retired as the principal of Charles S. Ashley Elementary School and served as a mentor for the new principal for the following five years.

Brian Souza ’67 loved being at Plymouth State. He taught for 38 years and had a great education. Plymouth State is a special place.

Portrait headshot photograph of Reiner Bertelmann '73 smiling in a yellow beach polo top and dark tan colored trilby hat with sandals standing next to his two precious grandchildren as they are wearing beach swimwear as they are all outside standing next to the edge of a white jagged fence

Reiner Bertelmann ’73

Me and two precious grandchildren


Stephen Carter ’70 is retired and active in the Wood Machinery Manufactures of America. He is the former owner, president/CEO of a manufacturing company in southern NH and now consults for the new owners. After graduation, he went on to receive an MBA. He is a past president of the NH Chapter of the National Association of Accountants, past president of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, former board member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, and a former adjunct faculty member of Southern NH University. Additionally, he received a manuscript award from the National Association of Accountants.

Marion (Goodwin) Gorrill ’70 retired from Brewster Academy after serving as head librarian. She continues to enjoy golfing, swimming, snowboarding, hiking, and biking. She also loves to sew and has taken up horseback riding in her spare time. Marion notes that she loves retirement as she gets to see classmates, Martha Wetherbee and Betty Bridges, from PSC!

Marcia (Cram) Calise ’71 graduated with bachelor of science in art education. She taught art in Wilmington, MA, but spent most of her years as a jewelry designer in CA and ME. Now living in AZ, she plans to return to New England soon.

Deborah (Dolloff) Croteau ’74 has been retired for 13 years and has two beautiful grandchildren (Adeline, five, and Colin, two), who keep her very busy! They all enjoy spending time at the beach condo, the backyard pool, and traveling. Deborah also belongs to a Bridge Club and a Book Club, which bring her joy and great friends. Deborah taught in the Manchester School district for 32 years and was a member of MEA and NHEA.

Portrait headshot photograph of Linda (Britt) Trott Dickman '74 smiling in a dark brown fishnet style see through jacket and black shirt with a bright turquoise yarn style necklace as she is seated at a table somewhere inside a restaurant
Linda (Britt) Trott Dickman ’74.
Linda (Britt) Trott Dickman ’74 is the author of several books of poetry. Her work has been anthologized nationally and internationally. She teaches a poetry class at Samantha’s Li’l BIt of Heaven, both live and on Zoom. Linda will be receiving a Women of Distinction Award 2023 in Nov. for Suffolk County, NY from Assemblyman Keith Brown’s office. I had the privilege of not only teaching Keith, but his children as well in my role as librarian in the Northport/East Northport School District. Linda’s first book of poetry prompts for children of all ages, called Catching the Light is something she is particularly happy to announce. Look for more books from this energetic author who will be featured this spring in Bless Our Pets, Eerdmans Press, one of the last anthologies published by the late Lee Bennett Hopkins, who’s works Linda was introduced in Mary Jane Scott’s Children’s Literature class at Plymouth State College! (now University).
Portrait headshot photograph of Lynn Miller '74 in her dark tan/white ski gear outfit with orange helmet and orange goggles skiing down a winter snowy slope terrain on Ragged Mountain

Linda Miller ’74 says, “This is what I do for fun—working on improving my ski technique on Ragged Mountain most weekdays. I finally overcame my fear of going fast and getting reinjured, but only do well with this on well-groomed slopes like they have at Ragged.” Photo courtesy Mike Seamans.

Lynn Miller ’74 was a standout in tennis, but also started on the basketball, field hockey, and lacrosse teams. In addition, she covered women’s sports for the Clock and took sports photos for the yearbook. She was inducted into the PSC Athletic Hall of Fame many years ago. She continues to stay active in tennis and has recently returned to ski racing.

Portrait headshot photograph of Bob Blackstock '75 grinning in a black closed jacket as he is in Alton Bay, NH on a overcast day with a body of water and other assorted houses and buildings located behind him in the background
Bob Blackstock in Alton Bay NH.

Bob Blackstock ’75 was awarded a bachelor of science degree in business administration and served as a sonar technician for the US Navy in 1976 for the Pacific Fleet in San Diego, CA. Afterwards, he continued his military service in the Boston metro area at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of the Treasury, Commerce, State Departments, and for Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. Bob retired after 40 years of employment with the federal government and returned to his “hometown” of Alton Bay, NH.

Mark Phelan ’74 is happily retired and living in Rye, NH. He still gets out to hike and ski as much as possible—just at a slower pace!

Susan (Cornwell) Robbins ’75 is working at Con Val High School in the Special Education Department. Her post-grad focus was reading and that’s what she teaches now; reading and writing skills to students who struggle with the basics. Susan planned to retire this past summer.

Ken Williams ’75, ’80G and Cathy (Neal) Williams ’76 visited their great-granddaughter, Georgia, daughter of their grandson Brenden Williams, this past June. They also have so much fun in Merrimack, NH, with their grandchildren Gavin and Layla!

Sarah (Jewell) Harris ’76 majored in art education and started teaching in Maine. She moved to Virginia in 1995. Her passion became advocating for Alzheimer’s after her husband was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s in 1998. She runs a specialized caregiver’s support group, is involved in public policy for Alzheimer’s, and has a team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. She never thought she would utilize what she learned in her public speaking class, the last requirement she needed to graduate. Being quiet and shy, it was a class she did not enjoy. What a difference passion about a cause can make! She has three grandchildren whom she sees every chance she gets.

Landscape photograph of Bob Consentino '76 grinning in a faded grey/blue oceanic animal/theme button-up vacation dress shirt and blue sea bucket hat as he poses next to his wife Sharon who is in a dark tan sea bucket hat and a pink tanktop plus white pattern scarf around her neck as they are on a small sailing boat out on the water
Bob Consentino ’76.
Bob Consentino ’76 majored in business administration and was a founding brother of Omega Omicron fraternity, a photographic contributor to Black on White fine arts publication, and editor of the 1976 Plymouth State College yearbook. Bob recently retired from a 30-year marketing career with Philips Medical Systems. Celebrating 40 years of marriage to his wife, Sharon, they reside in Rye Beach, NH.

Janet (Condon) Krieger ’76 worked as a school counselor for 29 years in the Hudson Valley, NY, and retired in 2019. She has been married to Eric for 33 years and the two have traveled to Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Canada, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and extensively throughout the US. They took a trip to Iceland and took a Zodiak ride in the Glacier Lagoon wearing survival suits. A trip to Egypt is planned for April 2023. She loved her career as a school counselor and is now loving retirement!

John Ribezzo ’76 retired as a full professor at the Community College of Rhode Island after 45 years.

Bruce Goslovich ’78 is winding down his accounting services business while splitting his time between Boise, ID, and Oro Valley, AZ, with his wife, Meg Mulhern ’77. He still plays tennis regularly, including the occasional Father/Son tournament with son Reuben. Bruce also enjoys cycling, skiing, fly-fishing (especially with son Ned), and traveling.

Carole (Behan) Berry ’79 received a 2nd place ribbon for her first quilt at the American Quilters Society show in Grand Rapids, MI. Her quilt titled “Home” depicts five generations of her family’s life in Dover, NH, along with other places with special meaning. She also included the four homes where she and her husband, Bob, have lived over the past 40 years.
Portrait photograph of Carole (Behan) Berry '79 inside the American Quilters Society show in Grand Rapids, MI as she stands next to another woman beside her in front of Carole's custom-made quilt design pattern (both of them are touching the quilt as they glance at it) while a camera man in a headset and video device is filming behind them

Carole (Behan) Berry ’79 being interviewed during the American Quilters Society show in Grand Rapids, MI. You can view the interview here.

Portrait photograph of Ron Bonneau ’81 grinning in a dark tan wooly cardigan jacket as he holds the Lifetime Achievement award plaque in his right hand from the US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association at the USCSA National Championship awards ceremony in Mammoth Lakes, CA
Ron Bonneau ’81.


Ron Bonneau ’81 received the Lifetime Achievement award from the US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association at the USCSA National Championship awards ceremony in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Carol Sussman-Ghatak ’81 has been teaching ESL and acting as bilingual family liaison at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High school in Marlborough, MA for seven years now. She loves her job and her students! Thinking about retiring in a few years.

Ellen Broderick ’82G has been living back in the neighborhood (Campton) full time for several years now. It has been such a treat to reconnect with classmates and professors from her school days here. To keep herself centered and balanced, she offers sound baths and seasonal Ayurveda cooking classes at her home / studio, and meditation and other classes online. Visit her website to learn more

Mary Beth (Lawlor) Chesler ’82 retired in 2019 after 35 years of teaching physical education in north Massachusetts. She is loving retirement and is keeping active as she continues to officiate high school field hockey and lacrosse. Today, Mary lives in Newburyport, MA and is slowly getting used to an empty nest!

Linda Kuhne ’82 retired after 32 years in healthcare and is loving every minute of it. Lynda is spending more time with family and friends and planning National Parks adventures in her new RV! Lynda thanks PSC for a great education and affording her an incredible professional career.

Portrait photograph of Linda Kuhne '82 smiling in a grey Fenway graphic t-shirt, backpack, and sunglasses on her head as she points at a directional wooden post mounted stand that contains few American city names and international locations while her finger is rested on the Boston 1505 mi. display sign as she is standing on a deck area overlooking the ocean in Key West, FL
Lynda Kuhne ’82, Key West, FL.
Portrait headshot photograph of Benjamin Fellows '87 grinning in see through prescription glasses that have a dark black outer frame and lightly slight chrome tint in the inner frame
Benjamin Fellows
Bernard Cornell ’86 is a retired F.D.N.Y. Captain of 27 years with three children, all in college. He still lives on Long Island and has been back for Plymouth Fire Dept. reunions. He’s looking forward to the baseball team’s golf outing and still volunteers at Westbury Fire Dept.

Thomas Dimitriadis ’86G reflects on his gratitude to Dr. Christopher Clarke and Dr. Virginia Barry for their support and motivation. He loved his grad school education at PSC.

Benjamin Fellows ’87 was recently hired to be the director of enterprise applications at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA.

Scott Reynolds ’89 completed a master’s degree in emergency management at Millersville University (PA) in December of 2020. This fall marks his third semester as a teaching lecturer at PSU. Last spring, he taught Weather in Emergency Management, a new topics class for meteorology majors and graduate students focusing on the connections between meteorology and emergency management.


Portrait headshot photograph of David Edry '91, Geoff Hamilton '91, and Peter Stokloza '90 (from left to right) all smiling in bicycling gear and helmets at an Alzheimer's Association fundraising event outside on a bright sunny day
Left to right, David Edry, Geoff Hamilton, and Peter Stokloza
Peter Stokloza ’90 rode 156 miles in 8 hours in September 2022, for the Alzheimer’s Association, raising $2,600. Peter rode with his PSU ski team members and college roomates, David Edry ’91 and Geoff Hamilton ’91, which made it extremely special. Peter thanks everyone who contributed to the effort.

Sandra Caswell ’91 has been a teacher for over 31 years. For the last 19 years, she has been teaching internationally in Ecuador, Hong Kong, and Egypt.

Scott Lemek ’91 has worked with Hyundai Capital America for 12 years where he is the national commercial sales marketing manager.

Portrait headshot photo of Scott Allen '93 glancing at something as he is wearing a black suit, white button-up dress shirt underneath and a multi-colored pattern style tie (black/dark grey) while holding a microphone
Scott Allen
Scott Allen ’93 retired as chief of police for East Bridgewater PD (MA) in March 2022 after nearly 26 years in law enforcement. While at EBPD, he helped create a community drop-in center for those suffering from substance use disorders and was the co-creator of countywide collaboration to address overdoses and other community health issues, which was recognized as national mentor site. He retired to lead Operation 2 Save Lives & QRT National, helping other municipalities create or enhance community programs to address health issues through shared responses. This organization is now working in 18 states across the country.
Portrait photograph of Holly (Shepherd) King '93 smiling in her graduation gown outfit and cap standing next to Abigail L. King '23 (in a black open coat jacket and turquoise blouse top) on May 13, 2023 at the Plymouth State University Commencement somewhere outside on campus on a bright sunny day
Abigail L. King ’23 and Holly King ’93 on May, 13, 2023, Plymouth State University Commencement.
Holly (Shepherd) King ’93 shared that she is honored her daughter, Abigail L. King, decided to attend Plymouth State. “Abigail has studied abroad for a semester and has been on the Presidential List every semester since attending PSU. Ready to start her journey in the ‘real world,’ she has pushed to graduate in three years so she would graduate on the 30th anniversary of my graduation from PSC.”

Belinda Hughes Proctor ’93 is now the principal of North Johnston High School in Kenly, NC.

Michele (Giannone) Talwani ’93 accepted the position of senior vice president of community relations at Easterseals NH.

Doug Bacon ’97 joined the Environmental Protection Agency as a GS-13 senior life scientist in November 2022. He is serving as a Superfund remedial project manager, overseeing the cleanup of both a complex active mine site and a US Army depot base. The challenging work ranges from addressing acid mine drainage and metals impacted soils to assessing organic chemical impacts and emerging contaminants such as PFAS compounds. Doug is excited to explore this second phase of his professional career and the landscape adventures Colorado has to offer.

Portrait headshot photograph of Doug Bacon '97 smiling in a dark navy blue puffy Columbia brand jacket while carrying a black backpack as he is standing outside the EPA Region 8 headquarters in Denver, CO
Doug Bacon ’97—first day at EPA Region 8, Denver, CO.

Brian Smith ’97 was pinned to LTC in a ceremony in April 2023.

Portrait photograph of Brian Smith '97 in a military outfit suit and tie as he was pinned to LTC in a ceremony in April 2023 as two other men beside him help place small seal ribbon banners on his military suit top in the shoulders area
Portrait photograph of Karyn Ames '98 smiling in a dark maroon blouse dress and blue denim jacket standing beside her husband Jeff Polosky and their two daughters Marley and Kiya with the family dog below them as they stand outside their home in Moultonborough
Karyn Ames

Karyn Ames ’98 graduated with a BS in early childhood studies. After graduation she worked at Waterville Valley as the secretary and then moved to Group Sales. She then managed the Chuck Roast retail store in Tilton for five years until Chuck retired and closed down his shops. She became a toddler teacher for a while and then screen printed in Laconia at Brighter Image. She then moved back to her hometown of Moultonborough, where she met her partner Jeff Polosky, a custom carpenter. She served as the director of the Sandwich Children’s Center for 11 years while she was raising their two girls, Marley and Kiya. Karyn is now the assistant librarian/media specialist at Moultonborough Central School, her old elementary school. She has also received grants to build a successful garden program at MCS and has restarted the school’s yearbook. Karyn volunteers on the board of the Moultonborough Community Scholarship Committee where she helps high school seniors get funds for their future college endeavors.

Portrait photograph of Rachel Simoneau-Mueller ’98 and Kaija Wilson holding their own small flower bouquets at the Finnish Embassy in DC accepting their presidential roles for Finn Spark Kipinäkerho while a presenter speaker woman is holding a microphone to congratulate them
Kaija Wilson and Rachel Simoneau-Mueller ’98 holding their own small flower bouquets at the Finnish Embassy in DC accepting their presidential roles for Finn Spark Kipinäkerho

Rachel Simoneau-Mueller ’98 is excited to share that she has been chosen to be vice president of Finn Spark-Kipinäkerho. FINN SPARK is an organization promoting Finnish culture and language in Maryland but also in Finland. She feels so honored, especially since she is just learning the language and has only been a member for a short period.

Heidi Pettigrew ’99, ’07G, ’11CAGS had her pastel, “Behind the Clock,” accepted into the 2023 International Association of Pastel Societies Spring Juried Exhibition 42nd Open Division. You can view the piece and the full exhibition gallery here. The entries are listed in alphabetical order. Heidi is a three- time Plymouth State alumna who also worked at the University for 13 years. She currently lives in Campton, NH, and owns Workflo Consulting (founded in 2019), which provides marketing and communications support for small businesses and nonprofits. Heidi left PSU in 2016, but before her final day, she was able to visit the iconic Clock Tower in Rounds Hall. She took photos while in the Clock Tower and used one of them for the inspiration for this piece. It’s the inside view of the clock face, showing the mechanism, structure, and glass. After a chance meeting with retired PSU Professor of Art Annette Mitchell in the summer of 2021, Heidi began taking art classes with Artistic Roots. Under Annette’s instruction in the Landscape Painting online class, she began exploring soft pastels and other mediums, creating and interpreting in ways she never realized she could do. Throughout the pandemic, Heidi drew inspiration from photos tucked away in her camera roll, remembering moments and recreating meaningful experiences on paper. She has continued taking classes with Artistic Roots, and in the fall of 2022 was invited to participate in their Visiting Artist program. Retired PSU Professor Sheryl Shirley and Jaylene Bengtson, an alumna and faculty member, were also featured in the three-month show.

Portrait photograph of Jaylene Bengtson '02G, '08CAGS, Heidi Pettigrew '99, '07G,'11CAGS, and retired PSU Professor of Political Science Sheryl Shirley smiling next to each other inside at the Artistic Roots Visiting Artist gallery room area
Jaylene Bengtson ’02G, ’08CAGS, Heidi Pettigrew ’99, ’07G,’11CAGS, and retired PSU Professor of Political Science Sheryl Shirley at the Artistic Roots Visiting Artist.

Melissa Stockbridge ’99 received her MS, engineering management, Tufts University, Gordon Institute.

Portrait headshot photograph of Melissa Stockbridge '99 smiling in a dark maroon blouse top, chrome colored custom-made necklace, and chrome colored custom-made earrings
Melissa Stockbridge
Portrait headshot photograph of Noah Goldblatt '00 smiling in a light sky blue button-up dress shirt and yellow tie
Noah Goldblatt


Noah Goldblatt ’00 has been named Hartwick College’s director of global education. He serves as the college’s senior international officer (SIO), providing visionary leadership for international education and community educational engagements, and is a member of the President’s Cabinet. Goldblatt began in his role on January 16 and reports to Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Laurel Bongiorno. Goldblatt’s duties include overseeing services and programming for inbound international students and outbound students studying abroad; the Northeast Semester Program; the Peace Corps Preparatory Program; global fellowships and scholarships (such as the Emerson, Duffy, and Cyrus Mehri), and off-campus international and domestic J Term Programs.
Portrait headshot photograph of Timothy Carrigan '04 smiling in a multi-colored button-up dress shirt (purple/white) and open charcoal grey colored business coat jacket plus has on prescription glasses (dark black outer frame/chrome slightly tinted inner frames)
Timothy Carrigan ’04, photo courtesy of NEH.
Christopher Belmont ’01 recently started a new position as the Physical Education teacher for Campton Elementary School.

Jennifer Cyr ’03 majored in social work and was part of the Nicaragua Club. She earned an Executive Women in Leadership certificate from Cornell University in March 2023.

Timothy Carrigan ’04 recently accepted the position of deputy director, Grants Management Division, Acquisition and Grants Office, at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, MD, after four years as a grants policy analyst at the National Endowment for the Humanities. While at Plymouth, Tim was active in student government and served as speaker of the Student Senate and class treasurer.

Portrait photograph of Zachary Cary '04 smiling in a Harry Potter character style outfit and pointing at Pete the Cat blue mascot in a yellow button-up shirt in Zachary's classroom area
Me in my classroom with “Pete the Cat”

Zachary Cary ’04 graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design, with a minor in art history. Shortly after, he moved out to California to pursue his computer career but found after only one year of working in front of screens, his true passion was elsewhere. With an extensive background in other areas working with kids—summer camp counselor in Maine throughout high school, Taekwondo instructor (for both children and adults), Loon Mountain snowboard instructor throughout college, etc.—he decided to move back to NH and pursue a master’s degree in education at Franklin Pierce University. When Zachary later graduated in 2008, all the while working as a paraprofessional and as a student support room (SSR) teacher in nearby schools to help get his feet wet and to learn the ropes, he immediately applied for classroom teacher positions and got the one he wanted in the area he had hoped for. Zachary began working as a third grade classroom teacher that year, and he has continued his position ever since. Now going on his sixteenth teaching year, he has also been married to his beautiful (Zumba instructor/personal trainer) wife for 13 years now, and they have an amazing eleven year-old (Gemini) son!

Rebecca (Huntington) Woods ’04 started a nonprofit, Bluebird Leaders (, focused on creating a community for women in healthcare and IT. Her company was awarded the American Spotlight Award from CompTIA for Advancing Women in Technology Leadership Award. Rebecca recently accepted the position of executive vice president at Divurgent. She says, “We are committed to IT evolution, deploying tailored solutions that help our client partners achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of customer experience.” She was recently honored with an Alumni Award at Homecoming.

Pam Shea ’05 is working as the director of student life at the University of North Dakota School of Law. She serves as an executive board member for the Greater Grand Forks Women’s Leadership Cooperative, as well as on the Advisor Board for the Institute for Well-Being in Law. Pam is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in educational leadership (EdD). She lives in North Dakota with her husband, Kyle, and two sons.

Tanya (Badger) Pitman ’06 majored in business management with a minor in pre-law. Just prior to her senior year at PSU Tanya and her husband Jay had their eldest daughter. Their second daughter was born in 2011. Tanya’s eldest daughter was accepted into PSU. Since graduating, Tanya went on to work for the New Hampshire Department of Justice (DOJ) where she spent 15 years working in various roles in civil litigation, victim services, and for the past six years as a grant administrator. In 2022, Tanya made a career move from the DOJ to the New Hampshire Judicial Branch as their grant manager working on the forward-thinking strategic initiatives of the branch.

Joshua Connors ’06 US Coast Guard veteran police officer for 15 years, currently assigned to the marine unit for the Longboat Key Police Dept.

Portrait headshot photograph of Emilie Knisely '07G smiling in a black button-up dress shirt and wearing see through prescription glasses (dark black outer frame/chrome slightly tinted inner frames)
Emilie Knisely
Emilie Knisely ’07G of Blue Mountain Union School in in Vermont received a Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools award from the The US Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.
Portrait photograph of Ryan Carey '08 in his snow ski gear skiing Mt Barnard on a four-day ski traverse from mount Whitney to Shepherds Pass in the Sierra Nevada on an overcast day
Ryan Carey ’08 skiing Mt Barnard on a four-day ski traverse from mount Whitney to Shepherds Pass in the Sierra Nevada.
Ryan Carey ’08, HP Development Coach for US Ski & Snowboard, is based in Mammoth Lakes CA, but says a lot of his job is on the road, traveling to training camps and contests around the world. Ryan says, “My background in adventure ed has been a huge asset, knowing how to share information and concepts to athletes to suit their individual learning styles is a key to success. Also knowing how to debrief after training and contests to make a plan for future success. Beyond what I learned in the academic setting my peers at Plymouth really helped me get to where am I am now. Being around passionate people and skiing as much as I did, certainly helped me on my way. We may not have had an official freeski club but my friends I skied with at Plymouth shaped me into the skier and coach I am now.”
Jennifer DuPont ’08 majored in exercise physiology and received her advanced degrees (MS and PhD) from the University of Delaware. Dr. DuPont is currently an assistant professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, and a principal iwnvestigator at the Molecular Cardiology Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center. Her current research focus is on sex differences in cardiovascular aging, and she was recently awarded a five-year $3.4M grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue her studies of the estrogen receptor and its role in vascular aging. Outside of work, Dr. DuPont enjoys cooking, working out, and spending time with her husband Travis and their 3-year-old daughter, Sofia.

Trevor Chandler ’09 was appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsom to a four-year term on the CA State Board of Pharmacy. His oath of office was administered by San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Trevor also presented as part of the Sidore Lecture Series here on campus this September.

Portrait photograph of Trevor Chandler '09 smiling in a dark navy blue suit and black bowtie holding hands with his significant romantic partner (a man) with the happy partner wearing the same outfit as Trevor where both walk down an aisle outside at a wedding event as many other people celebrate nearby them
Trevor Chandler ’09, right, and his husband Adrian Chandler, née Chang, left, were married on September 23, 2023, at Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. Trevor was a political science major who is currently running for supervisor in San Francisco.
Jacqui Nelson ’09 has spent the last decade teaching military history at the college level, focusing on bringing energy, emotion, and humor into classrooms where heavy material is the norm. Since returning to Plymouth in 2016 she has made lifelong connections with students inside and outside of the history program, just as her former faculty, many of whom are now her fellow faculty, made with her. She is also in the process of writing a book on the Battles of Trenton and Princeton that she hopes to complete in the coming year. This past year, she has also taken on the role of interim coordinator of military services. The Office of Military Services was built over the summer with the goal of providing various layers of support and community for military students (active, veteran, ROTC, and military dependents alike) across campus.
Portrait headshot photograph of Jacqui Nelson '09 smiling with her aviator sunglasses on and grey graphic t-shirt that reads Plymouth State University History and Social Studies Education with a minimalist mountain logo illustration in the middle of the shirt as she stands next to a wooden fence that overlooks a river and and grassy terrain outside on a bright sunny day
Jacqui Nelson
Portrait photograph of First Lieutenant Greg Goujon '10 smiling in his dark brown military suit and cap as he stands next to his wife Sarah and Greg is holding their son Jackson at Greg's graduation in front of The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School U.S. Army building display sign located on the grounds of UVA
1LT Greg Goujin and his wife, Sarah, with their son, Jackson, at Greg’s graduation from the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course located on the grounds of UVA.


Greg Goujon ’10 and his wife, Sarah Goujon, welcomed the birth of their first child on November 22, 2022. Jackson Anthony Goujon came in at a healthy 7 pounds 12 ounces! After his admittance to the New York bar, Greg began his journey into the US Army JAG Corps. Greg was commissioned as a first lieutenant on January 8 and did his initial entry training at Ft. Benning, GA. He is currently attending his officer basic course at The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School located in Charlottesville, VA. Upon graduation, Greg and his family will be stationed at Ft. Eustis, VA.

Douglas Woodward ’10 majored in marketing after graduating, spent 10 years at Apple Inc. holding various sales roles till moving to Connection Inc. in Merrimack, NH, is now a product manager for Microsoft Surface. Douglas married Emily Burwen ’10 in 2013 and celebrated 10 years of marriage in October 2023. The two have a daughter who is five years old and they enjoy life in Concord, NH.

Maria Milton ’11 worked with Glimmerglass Opera/ Festival for four summers from 2011 to 2014 and was a stagehand, fly rail operator, carpenter/welder, and events assistant. In 2014 she worked for a concierge company working with high-profile clients. Due to the pandemic, she now works at a tax firm but would like to return to something in the arts, agriculture, art creations, or design.

Portrait photograph of Allie (Prion) Gundler '12 smiling as she holds her son in her arms as they are standing next to Allie's husband/son's dad named Zach as Zach is holding their baby daughter in his arms outside somewhere in a grassy lawn area
Allie Gundler
Allie (Prion) Gundler ’12 majored in social work and is now the small business compliance officer at Berkshire Bank. She received her MBA from MCLA in 2018. She lives with her husband, Zach, and two children in Pittsfield, MA.
Portrait photograph of Stefan Slattery '13 in a black shirt/dark brown jeans & Louise Smith in a green floral dress with sunglasses on top of her head in Praiano, Italy smiling as they are standing next to each other on a rooftop patio edge area overlooking the mountain topography and ocean
Stefan Slattery ’13 & Louise Smith in Praiano, Italy
Stefan Slattery ’13 majored in business management and communications and was heavily involved in M.A.P.S. Since graduating he’s spent the last 10+ years leading marketing teams, currently as head of marketing at a Silicon Valley fintech, as well as several NH-native organizations. When they’re not traveling, Stefan and Louise, whom he met while on a semester abroad at the University of Winchester, are enjoying life together just down the road from campus in Campton, NH. Stefan says he credits a considerable amount of his success to the opportunities being a PSU student afforded him, as well as the role that M.A.P.S played, which he says acted similar to a ‘startup incubator/accelerator,’ providing practical learning and real-world applications.
Portrait photograph of Hannah Andry '16, '21G smiling in a open dark maroon business coat jacket and blue/white plaid button-up line pattern shirt while holding a blue 21st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education logo bag
Hannah Andry
Alexandra Noble ’13, ’14G has taught in special education both at private and public schools, and supervised paraprofessionals and residential assistance staff. She is a mother of two and has been married for five years.

Hannah Andry ’16, ’21G is a lifelong PSU Panther, graduating with her BA in Communications in ’16 and a master’s degree in experiential learning and development in ’21. She is currently pursuing her doctor of education degree in PSU’s EdD program. In undergrad, Hannah played women’s basketball and rugby, was active in the student support foundation food pantry, wrote for the Clock, and was an alternative spring break trip leader. Hannah also was a student worker in athletics and a student caller. Hannah received the Peter S. Cofran service award in 2016 for her work in athletics. She was the Women’s Leadership Summit keynote speaker in 2019 and most recently presented her doctoral work at the Hawaiian International Conference on Education on January 3, 2023. Hannah represented PSU on a global stage, sharing the preliminary stages of her dissertation work and engaging in an international dialogue on education and social justice. Hannah will be starting her second year in the PSU doctoral program and is focusing on social-emotional learning and culturally responsive practices with youth programs. Hannah is most grateful to her PSU mentors, cohort, and classmates, and professors for encouraging her to step outside of her comfort zone and seize new opportunities. Hannah intends to use her degree to centralize social justice and equity in education and to continue learning and growing while seeking new opportunities to broader her perspective while empowering others. Hannah lives in Boston with her fiancée, Kristen, and cat, Coco, and can still often be found hiking in Plymouth on the weekends and getting a sandwich at Biederman’s!

Portrait headshot photograph of Brian Vargas 16' smiling in a orange graphic hoodie while holding his one-year-old Colombian red-tailed boa inside a bedroom area; This snake will grow up to eight feet long! Right now, he is just about three feet long.
This a picture of Brian Vargas with his one-year-old Colombian red-tailed boa. This snake will grow up to eight feet long! Right now, he is just about three feet long.
Brian Vargas ’16 graduated as a fifth Year senior majoring in biology. He was a member of Science Society, Pre Med Society and Omega Omicron. After working and taking time to travel, Brian bravely tackled some mental health struggles, and has most recently worked as a dispatcher for a local bus company that commutes to and from the Nyack, NY, area to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. He’s looking for something that more closely relates to his major of study, but in the meantime enjoys his pets, a four-year-old Shih Tzu named Neo, and a one-year-old Boa named Hawk. He has great memories of his time and study-abroad at Plymouth State.

Paige Wilson ’17, ’19 majored in environmental science and policy (ESP) with a minor in sustainability and received a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. During her graduate program, Paige worked for the Lakes Region Planning Commission as their solid waste planner, helping to write and administer local, state, and federal grants to improve waste management in 30 municipalities around New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. Paige is now the waste reduction & diversion planner at New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services. She recently helped update the state’s 2022 Solid Waste Management Plan, a 10-year framework for how the state can reduce waste and increase diversion from landfills.

Portrait photograph of Brianna Mercier '20 in her dark maroon graduation gown outfit and cap as she smiles holding her master's degree diploma obtained from Southern Illinois University while she is sitting next to her parents outside on a water fountain seat somewhere on the Southern Illinois University campus
Brianna Mercier


Brianna Mercier ’20 is finishing up a master’s degree at Southern Illinois University and will be moving back to NH this summer. She plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland, for three weeks right after graduation to do an original theatre project. She is a private lesson teacher working with children through her job at Saluki Gymnastics.

Callie (Bechtol) Batkins ’21 received an MS in clinical mental health counseling and a certification in play therapy during her time at PSU. Since graduation, Callie has been working as a telehealth therapist for NH through a local group private practice started by one of her former counseling professors. Callie married her now husband in August ’22, and they both moved to NC for a year with their pup, Beau. Within the past few months, Callie and her family purchased their first home, back in both of their hometowns – Virginia Beach. Callie and her husband continue to work at the same group practice via telehealth and plan to start seeing clients in VA upon completion of licensure. Callie is also hoping to begin working part-time as an MFLC at that time, serving the military children population in local public schools in their area. Callie and her husband are expecting their first kiddo, a boy, this November! See Exchanging Vows

Portrait headshot photograph of Tyler Blanchard '21 smiling in a dark navy blue suit and light powder blue button-up dress shirt
Tyler Blanchard
Tyler Blanchard ’21, who graduated with his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, has joined leading financial security company Northwestern Mutual – Portsmouth, NH as financial representative, effective June 7, 2023. In his new role, Blanchard is with a team of specialists offering a wide array of products. In offering comprehensive financial planning, he provides expert guidance and innovative solutions for a variety of financial needs and goals. Before joining Northwestern Mutual, Blanchard was a fish culturist at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Casco, ME. Blanchard holds his National Producers License in Maine and New Hampshire.
Portrait headshot photograph of Emily Duffley ’22 smiling in her dark navy blue lacrosse top shirt outfit as part of the Simmons University Lacrosse Media Day, Boston MA, 2/25/2023
Emily Duffley ’22, Simmons University Lacrosse Media Day, Boston MA, 2/25/2023.
Carlos Cardona ’22 majored in biology with a minor in chemistry and was part of club rugby. Carlos works at Moderna as a manufacturing associate scientist and helps develop vaccines such as Covid and respiratory viruses. Carlos is currently pursuing his MBA, and for the first time in his education career, he currently holds a 4.0 GPA. Carlos plans to pursue his doctorate in business administration once he finishes his MBA.

Emily Duffley ’22 majored in psychology with a concentration in mental health and minored in anthropology/sociology. After graduating, Emily began pursuing her master of social work degree at Simmons University in Boston, and continued to play at the D3 collegiate level for lacrosse. Emily is currently on track to graduate in May 2024 with her MSW degree and would like to work with adolescents in the mental health setting.